As of October 2016, I am also a certified Yoga for Cancer teacher. I offer community classes and work with individual clients, in person or online. Please contact me if you know someone in need. Yoga can be greatly beneficial in dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment, whether the person is currently receiving treatment or in remission. For more information:



I reached out to Kristin during my chemotherapy for private online sessions. I highly appreciate that she spent the initial session getting to know my condition and aligning expectations. She is a very knowledgeable Yoga for Cancer teacher. Before each session, she checks-in with me on how my energy levels are and is highly flexible to lead the session to suit my needs. She is highly intuitive & knows when to make the postures just ambitious enough. Practicing yoga with Kristin during my cancer treatment has become an integral part of my recovery journey. I have learnt, and am still learning, from our yoga sessions to be where my feet are and to honor what is available to my body at each moment.

Shalini Singh – September 2020